M.Sc. in Info Security & Digital ForensicsResearch at Ph.D. & M.Sc. levelState of the art equipment

M.Sc. in Info Security & Digital Forensics

This course is about producing postgraduate degree holders with comprehensive knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate for careers in Information Security and Digital Forensics.

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Research at Ph.D. & M.Sc. level

At the Security Research Lab in ITB students have the option to study on taught M.Sc. programmes in full time and part time modes. ITB also offers students the opportunity to study full time and part time at Ph.D. level.

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State of the art equipment

Our research lab is fitted out with Cisco routers and switches, Dell servers and dedicated computer & network forensic equipment (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device) popularly known as FRED. This gives the lab a fit-for-purpose environment for advanced research in this area.

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At ITB we are committed to introducing our students to the latest technologies and providing a learning environment where the use of up-to-date and innovative techniques and equipment is the norm. To this end, our lecture theatres and laboratories are state-of-the-art, and ITB aims to retain this leading edge as the Institute develops further.



Through the LINC local industry can access the academic expertise of the Institute for research and development opportunities and for consultancy services. Research can be funded privately or through funding agencies such as Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, IRCSET, IRCHSS. The LINC also supports industry to find the best partner in the Institute to work on projects funded through schemes like the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Scheme.


ITB is now part of Information Security Ireland (ISI) – a central force in the field of Information Security promoting interaction with technology firms, research institutes, academia & government. http://www.infosecurityireland.org/


Setup in 2007 at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB), the group has evolved from the distributed systems and networks research activities in ITB in response to the widespread recognition of the serious and growing shortage of college post-graduates to meet industry and research demands in the areas of network security and computer forensics.
The primary aims of the Security Research Lab are:
  • To attract students into full-time and part-time education and training, leading to BSc, MSc and PhD degrees To facilitate college staff and local industry to engage in high level research
  • To address the set of challenges created by new security threats through expertise and research
  • Help information security companies to generate innovative solutions leading to lucrative Intelligent Property and patentable material
  • Help companies to be business compliant and to ensure their computer data is properly protected according to the requirements of the law
  • Have a centre of excellence at ITB that would help local companies with security requirements and knowledge Provide graduate opportunities to create campus companies through the dedicated Industrial Innovation Centre in the LINC building.

Why work with us?

The Security Research Lab actively encourages partnerships between members of the group and SME companies to cooperate and participate in R&D funding applications. We are always looking to forge links with Irish industry on possible research projects that could be developed under a funded research partnership with mutual benefit to both ITB and the industrial partner.

The Security Research Lab is housed in a state-of-the-art research laboratory at ITB to facilitate the top level research being carried out in co-operation with the Learning and Inovation Centre (LINC) centre, with 50 sq m of research space. All full-time researchers (MSc/PhD) are allocated a desk, phone and personal computer in the LINC building to use as office space for the duration of their research contract.

The current research lab is fitted with Cisco routers and switches mounted in racks to facilitate multiple use. Racks also contain Dell servers which are shared in across the different research projects and through funding (from Enterprise Ireland) dedicated computer forensic network equipment (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device) popularly known as FRED gives the lab a fit-for-purpose environment for advanced research in this area.

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