Daggercon 2015

Daggercon 2015





Researchers from the Information Security & Digital Forensics Group ( ISDF ) here in ITB will be helping to organise DaggerCon 2015 – A Conference on Cybersecurity at the IBM Technology Campus in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15 on 8th October 2015

DaggerCon will feature a variety of interactive workshops, talks, demos alongside conversation zones for informal networking.

This conference will bring together players and influencers in cybersecurity – spanning corporations, SMEs, representative groups, academics – to meet, learn and collaborate, with a view to presenting Ireland as a centre of excellence in information security.

The conference will also include a Capture the Flag Competition ( CTF) wherein Ireland’s top cyber security experts will compete against each other in a controlled environment to see who will be the first to exploit weaknesses in a number of systems and declare victory.

The purpose of the competition is to demonstrate how attackers gain access to vulnerable systems and how to prevent such attacks from impacting the networks.

The ITB ISDF research group also run a Honeynet monitoring facility as part of the Irish Chapter of the Honeynet Project.

The Honeynet Project is a leading international non-profit security research organization, dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools to improve Internet security.

The ITB Information Security & Digital Forensics (ISDF) research group was setup in 2007. It has evolved from the distributed systems and networks research activities in ITB and in response to the widespread recognition of the serious and growing shortage of college post-graduates to meet industry and research demands in the areas of network security and computer forensics.